Rest days are the worst…

Somewhere out there someone is working harder than you…

We’ve all heard the quote.  A million times.  It’s one of the most cliche phrases in all of sports.

What if it’s wrong though?  What if the person out there working harder than you isn’t going to beat you?  What if they are just wasting their time and energy?  What if they are increasing the odds that they burn out, or suffer injury?  What if it really doesn’t matter if you work harder then they do?  Maybe your genetic potential will keep you from defeating them regardless of how hard you work?

Nah.  None of that stuff above matters.  What matters is getting out there and doing hard work.  Non-stop.  That’s how you get faster.  That’s how you get better.

Saturday I skipped my run and paddled for two hours.  Sunday was a 1 hour cross training session that turned in to a three hour paddle.  Today was a rest day.

I hate rest days.  If I’m resting, someone out there is working and I’m not.  Physically, I need rest days.  Ever since I started this journey, I ignored the biofeedback that my body was telling me.  I trained tired and fatigued.  It didn’t matter.  I was a slave to Garmin, logging hours in a merciless machine like fashion to satisfy my inner metrical fixations around numbers and goals.  If I was resting, I must not be working towards achieving anything.

Resting is for the weak.  There is no rest for the wicked.

On went my running gear.

I’ll just do a light jog, then hit some yoga and stretching.

I looked at the schedule again.  Tomorrow is a good run, one that I’m very curious to see how I perform on.

Rest day it is.

There is nothing wrong with taking a rest day.  It doesn’t matter if that rest day is from work, training, or the normal grind of day to day life.  People need rest days.  Our society though makes it seem otherwise.  I have 345 hours of vacation time stashed away.  Because if I’m not at work, something might go wrong.  If I’m not at work, I might miss something.  If I’m not at work, something might come up that someone else might have to deal with.  If I’m not at work, my employees might need assistance that they can’t find somewhere else.

If I’m not working hard, someone else is.

Good for them.

Goal #1 for 2018

Work smarter.  Not harder.

On another note, I looked at the results from last years half marathon that I signed up to run.  I think I can keep myself out of last place in my age group, which is always the goal.  Then I looked at the winner for my age group.  Yeah…Definitely not winning this thing.

It’s been a while since I’ve actually posted to the blog.  I’ve been distracted by other ventures.  Family, work, training, etc.  The entire spectrum has kept me from the blog.  I’ve still been writing though.  Little bits here and there.

Paddling has been great.  Running outside has been great.

Life is good my friends.  Life is good.

Maybe I’ll go for a quick run.

Probably not.

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